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THE LOG is a quarterly colour A5-size journal, typically of 72 pages. It includes illustrated articles of wide maritime and historical interest, together with comprehensive reports on recent shipping activities related to the Australasian region. Topics include:

  • Overseas vessels visiting local waters
  • Cruise shipping
  • Container and other cargo vessels
  • Specialised vessels
  • Towage, Offshore and dredging
  • Ferries, fishing and miscellaneous craft
  • Accidents and mishaps
  • Shipbuilding and ship repair
  • Historic, preserved and museum vessels
  • Naval matters

THE LOG provides the most comprehensive coverage of shipping news published in the Australasian region, past and present. An Index is produced annually (included in subscriptions) which is of great value to researchers and historians. Cumulative indices for THE LOG from 1954 have also been produced, see the LOG Indexes page.

CLICK BELOW for the complete issue 214 of THE LOG, and larger images of covers and contents for 211, 212 and 213, all from 2018.

THE LOG Cover 214
THE LOG Cover 214

The Log 213 Cover
The Log 213 Contents
The Log 212 Cover
The Log 212 Contents
The Log 211 Cover
The Log 211 Contents

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