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Indexes for THE LOG Magazine

In September 2015 the Nautical Association announced four new LOG Indexes which together greatly enhance the value of THE LOG as a research tool. The Indexes enable ready access to illustrations and the wealth of historic and other maritime information published in 273 issues of THE LOG, over 61 years from 1954 to the end of 2014. Click the links below for indexes:

All four indexes will be maintained on this website for viewing and free downloading, and will be updated from time to time. The indexes refer to THE LOG issue number and page. Please see tables below to determine the date and year for each issue number. The relevant tables for each index are also included at the back of each index.

The Indexes are in pdf format. You may read or search them online or download them to your own computer and view or search for items of interest with the free Acrobat Reader: click here to download Acrobat.

Printed Copies of the Indexes

Printed copies of the Indexes in A5 size, with coloured card covers, will be available from the NAA from time to time. They are initially available for orders received by 15 November 2015. Indexes have been prepared for the NAA by Tony Cavanagh. The Articles Index is an updated version of that produced by Buster Browne for the period 1954-2003, issued in 2004 by the NAA in hard copy form. The Association thanks both for their work in preparing these most useful Indexes.

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