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Ordering Books

The NAA books below are now at excellent reduced rates and include P&P. Please use the form below, fill it in and either post it with cheque/money order or post/email credit card details to:

Australian orders:
The Treasurer, Nautical Association of Australia Inc.
Philip Meyer, PO Box 1202, St Kilda South, Vic 3182, Australia
Ph (03) 9534 2858     Email: naatreasurer1@gmail.com

New Zealand orders (in NZ$ equal to A$ amounts shown). Cheques payable to the Nautical Association of Australia or send credit card details to:
Lindsay (L.W.) Butterfield, 10 Guys Hill Rd, Napier 4110 New Zealand
Email: lbutterfield@xtra.co.nz

Become an NAA subscriber NOW and save!

When one or more of the books Huddart Parker, In Coral Seas, Australian Merchant Ships - 2008 or The Currie Line, are purchased IN CONJUNCTION WITH a copy of A Lucky Ship...Tambar then the cost of the additional books is only: Huddart Parker A$12.00, In Coral Seas A$8.00, Australian Merchant Ships - 2008 A$7.00, and Currie Line A$4.00.
(Please amend the prices below on your order form.)

I wish to purchase -

_____copy/copies of A Lucky Ship: The Nine Lives of the Australian Coaster Tambar. NAA subscribers A$29.95, non-subscribers A$ 36.00

_____ copy/copies of HUDDART PARKER - NAA subscribers A$30.00, non-subscribers A$36.00

_____ copy/copies of In Coral Seas A$15.00

_____ copy/copies of The Currie Line of Melbourne A$7.00
          (or only A$5.00 with any other book)

I enclose a money order or cheque made out
to the Nautical Association of Australia Inc. for $______________
Credit Card payment (tick one): [   ] Visa [   ] Mastercard

Card Number:_______________________________________________ Expiry Date:__________/___________

Name on Card:___________________________________ Signature:___________________________________



State:_________________ Postcode:___________________ Country:__________________________________


Email address:________________________________________________________________________________

Note: Any communications with the Nautical Association of Australia will be treated in confidence. No email addresses or private information will be released.

The NAA was founded in 1968 and is run by volunteers dedicated to recording, researching, preserving and publishing the maritime history of Australia, New Zealand and the South West Pacific. © 2006-2020 Nautical Association of Australia Inc. ABN 18 382 946 943
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